Dress Code

Dress Code

All Members, guests and visitors are required to maintain the Club’s standard of dress that is in keeping with the character of Royal Queensland Golf Club. Members must ensure their guests are familiar with and adhere to the regulations. Club staff are authorised to strictly enforce the dress regulations. With the exception of shoes and jumpers, all changing must occur in the Locker Rooms, not the carpark. Work clothes, including trade attire, may be worn from the carpark to the Locker Rooms.

The standards of dress which apply in various areas of the Club’s premises are as follows:

Dress Code: NOT permitted on all Club premises

NOT Permitted on all Club Premises

  1. Tracksuits, sweatshirts, football jumpers, hooded clothing, t-shirts, singlets, leggings, activewear, denim clothing of any colour, excessively faded clothing, torn clothing, cargo pants, or cargo shorts.
  2. Collarless or untucked shirts (men), trousers tucked into socks, or bare midriffs.
  3. Advertising on clothing unless unobtrusive and/or a Club logo.
  4. Thongs, clogs (such as Crocs), slide on sandals (such as Birkenstocks), or bare feet.

On the Links and Practice Areas

  1. Neat, clean golfing attire must be worn.
  2. Shirts must have collars. Golf turtleneck shirts or skivvies are acceptable.
  3. Socks must be worn. Socks must be predominantly white, or if black socks are being worn, they must display the Club logo. Long socks must be pulled up.
  4. Golf shoes must have soft spikes only.
  5. Caps must be worn facing forward.
  6. For men and boys: shorts and trousers must be tailored and worn with a belt. Shirts must be tucked in. Brief, baggy or below knee length shorts are not permitted.
  7. For women and girls: shorts and trousers must be tailored. Leggings and activewear are not permitted. Shirts must be tucked in unless they are no longer than hip length, in which case they may be untucked.

On the Tennis Courts

Sporting attire, including shoes, must be neat and designed, or recognised as being appropriate for playing tennis.

In the Clubhouse

  1. Clothing must be neat, tidy and in good repair.
  2. Clean and dry golf attire may be worn in the Clubhouse for non-Club events. Event specific attire will be communicated to Members.
  3. Men and boys must wear collared shirts that are tucked in. Smart casual covered footwear designed to be worn without socks (such as boat-shoes) may be worn without socks, otherwise socks must be worn with all footwear.
  4. Women and girls may wear dress sandals or other shoes may be worn without socks.
  5. Caps, visors, and hats must be removed.