Dress Code

Members and their Guests are required to dress and present themselves both on the Course and in the Clubhouse and environs in a manner respectful of each other and consistent with the Club’s standards. This Dress Code is not exhaustive. Club Staff are empowered by the Board to apply discretion in the application of this Code.  Members are specifically not authorised to deal with Dress Code issues.

In the Clubhouse

  • Members and Guests are required to be well groomed, neat and dressed in a way that is consistent with the Club’s standards.
  • Golf and informal attire are permitted.  More formal events will be labelled accordingly.
  • Sporting hats, caps and visors may not be worn inside the Clubhouse.

Children’s Attire

  • Children 12 years and older must observe the same dress regulations as Members.
  • Children under 12 years must wear neat and tidy attire.

In Golf and Tennis Areas

  • Sporting attire, including shoes for Men, Women and Children should be neat and designed, or recognised as being appropriate, for the sport being played.
  • Men’s shirts must be collared and tucked in.
  • Worn with shorts, short socks must be mainly white or with a Club logo.
  • For Golf, shoes must be soft spikes only.

Unacceptable Attire Throughout the Club, Course, Courts and Campus

  • Denim, stonewash, torn or excessively faded clothing of any kind.
  • Collarless or untucked shirts (Men).
  • Football jumpers, cargo pants and cargo shorts.
  • Advertising on clothing unless unobtrusive and/or a Club logo.
  •  Apart from shoes and layers, all changing must be in the Locker Room, not the carpark.
  • Work clothes, including trade attire, may be worn from carpark to Locker Rooms.